Major working area:

Adopt A Village

If you seriously thinking to contribute something back to the society or communities, you can consider adopting a village for some grassroots positive change. We are promoting a new innovative scheme of ‘adopt a village’ to facilitate positive impacts among rural communities. By this scheme, we are not going to change the village in to big city’s or completely bring a solution to all pressing problems. We are advocating children lead change in the villages, where we can try to address the issues of water, health, governance, employment, sanitation, poverty, waste management, corruption, Right to Information, etc. Increase their knowledge and understanding on solid & liquid waste management, rain water harvesting, etc.

  • Water & Sanitation
  • Self-Government
  • Education & employment
  • Health
  • Local art & culture
  • Science & Technology
  • Transport and Connectivity
  • Local sport and yoga
  • Agriculture & Food Processing
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