• To develop a unique platform which can facilitate idea and resource sharing between the different stakeholders of the society (e.g., institutions, students, corporates, individuals, government agencies, social organizations etc.) for ensuring coordinated effort to maximize the outcome.
  • To create a world where young people are encouraged to celebrate fun and excitement of science and technology, and inspiring them to meet the challenges of the global, technology-driven society through innovation, collaboration, and creative problem solving.
  • Realize potential for national and international leadership as a knowledge based agent of change in the fields of Science & Technology, energy, education, health, environment, and other natural resources and sustainable development.
  • Inspire and reach out to diverse stakeholders for realizing a shared vision of global sustainable development could be translated into action.


  • To provide expertise and assistance to rural community in building their capacity to reduce poverty, tackle environmental problem and promote sustainable agriculture, rural prosperity assure and responsibility for their health and pursuer education through science and technological applications.
  • To popularize the science and the scientific temperament among the masses.
  • To aid in rural reconstruction and development.
  • To coordinate in the establishment and development of education in the areas of the Science Journalism, Science writing and Science communication. To aid in development and management of local resources.