is an initiative of the Kalam Foundation that is going to act as a platform for providing free online doctor consultancy to those who are under home isolation/quarantine and cannot access a doctor.

We believe that proper consultation to the patients at the early stage can reduce their hospitalization changes considerably and cut done the load on the health infrastructure.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Supporting Home Isolating Patients: COVID Helpdesk aims to support patients across India with valuable medical consultation (through registered medical practitioners across the globe) who are under home isolation and do not need hospitalization.
  2. Providing free primary consultation: COVID Helpdesk aims to provide basic primary consultation who have been diagnosed with COVID or have developed COVID-19 symptoms. 
  3. Supporting mentally distressed patients: The helpdesk aims to support those mentally distressed patients through counselling who lost someone or have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  
  4. Spreading awareness about COVID-19 appropriate behaviour: To drive mass awareness campaigns, especially in the rural areas to make the people aware and adopt COVID-19 appropriate behaviour in order to stop the spread of the virus in deep pockets.
  5. Vaccination awareness: One of the major challenges in attaining universal immunization in India is going to be the preparedness of the people to receive the vaccine on time. The helpdesk will drive awareness campaigns and myth busters to make the people ready for vaccination.