The series of Kalam Youth Summit (KYS) is a part of celebrating birthday of our beloved President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and fulfill his vision & dream in developing and widening the spectrum of scientific temper. To display India’s contribution in the various fields and to motivate the younger mind to find solution to the burning issues of our society.

The 10th Kalam Youth Summit will have many distinct features in comparison to the earlier summits. We felt that this time around it is necessary to fuse both the groups together to yield much better result. The system cannot yield maximum results until both the groups, vis-à-vis the youth and the implementers are encouraged to come together to enrich their expertise and share their knowledge. The 8th Kalam Youth Summit will provide such platform which can help both these groups to excell.

The summit will inspire the audience and challenge them to think differently. The summit will be a platform dedicated to innovation and creative action in various fields like Education, Health, Science and Technology, Women Empowerment, Science & Technology, Democracy, Polity, Youth Empowerment, Social Upliftment etc., where top decision makers will share insights with on-the- ground practitioners.

The 10th Kalam Youth Summit , is scheduled in the month of October, 2024. KYS-2024 is being jointly organized by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Research Foundation, in association with Social Empowerment Society.

KYS is a platform for the Leaders and Development Professionals to connect with the Future of this nation – the Youth. It seeks to transform the outlook of young minds for their involvement and access in social and rational causes. It helps to nurture the dreams and aspirations of young and resurgent faces of the state, for strengthening the foundation of youth as a whole. The event will be graced by, Young Public Representatives, Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Activists, Film- Directors/Actors, Sports stars, Authors, Potential Global Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Media Professionals.