The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of the internally migrant workers to return back to their villages as the lockdown had rendered them jobless. The plight of these workers were not healed despite the efforts of the Central as well as the respective State Governments. Many lost their daily wages jobs, became dependent on government and the local organizations for their food. Many were forced to vacate their rented homes because they failed to pay their rents on time.  

With the growing uncertainty and the lack of availability of the bare minimum resources needed, many of them were forced to leave for their native villages on their foot. Many of them died or got injured on their way back home. It was  a calamity for which neither we as a society nor the government was ready. We witnessed one of biggest tragedy of our times unfolding in front of us with little to be done.   It is seen that many of the migrants labourers are skilled and wants to set up their own business, profession but they are unable to carry on with their work due to lack of capital or money. Kalam Foundation has started this campaign to support such ideas through interest free loan. This loan will be provided to the needy person who has a plan for his own business/profession and is eligible on some parameters as decided by the organization.  

Kalam Foundation is launching it’s fundraising campaign “Hum Hai Na” to support such hardworking semi skilled and unskilled migrant workers also those who are unemployed in the villages and lack institutional support to start their livelihood projects. We here at Kalam Foundation have a dream to support atleast 50 such units from across the country which we plan to identify on the basis of the findings of our ongoing Survey & Research initiative.  

We are also going to continue our humanitarian initiative to provide nutritious food to poor families affected due to COVID19 lockdown. We are putting out an appeal to all for their support in the form of ration, medicine, safety kits and cash so that we can keep supporting those who are still in need of this basic necessity.  

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