This very painful situation that a large population has migrated from cities to rural areas due to COVID19 & Lockdown situations. This migration indicates that a large number of skilled & unskilled unemployed people are in seek of employment in Villages.

But the situation is very far from their expectations in rural scenario as only agricultural cannot bear the income generation needs of all. In this situation, Kalam Foundation has initiated the Survey & Research work to gather the data of Gram Panchayats to seek the gaps, to explore the opportunities & to provide a glance for the right direction for employment & income generation efforts. Also, Kalam Foundation has completed the Survey in 04 Blocks of Gorakhpur District, Uttar Pradesh to get in-depth data on changing scenario in rural areas.

Kalam Foundation has taken one step ahead and posted the internship details on Internshala. Interested Youth, Students & professionals can apply for this internship opportunity and can be a part of change.